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getting started...

When first using EMEGS programs, set the Matlab search path to include all subfolders of the Emegs folder. After this, all EMEGS functions are available, and you can start with the data analysis. Type Emegs to start a launchpad for all major submodules. Each submodule can also be called by typing its name in the command window and pressing return. The most important functions and their names are now summarized:

Use PrePro.m in order to filter and segment continuous data and calculate
artifact detection parameters.This component is new and still
under construction. For an alternative way to preprocess your data,
see 'a walkthrough...'.

Use EditAEM.m in order to edit the parameter of interest.

Use EmegsAvg.m in order to average the data.

Use Emegs2d.m to display averaged data.
Source localization, 3d-visualization and statistical analysis are integrated in this module.

Use WaveApp.m in order to calculate wavelet analysis.

Use GenSynthData.m in order to generate synthetic data.

Use Eeg2Spm.m in order to create volume data in the spm analyse format for each trial of your EEG or MEG data.

After extraction, the EMEGS-folder has the following subfolder structure. For full functionality, all folder have to exist and to be included in the matlab path. The coefficient folders are initially empty (expect the 'emegs3dInvCoeff'-folder), and will be filled when coefficients are calculated and written to file for your specific sensor configuration.