Grant-Supported Research using the Psychophysics Toolbox

Principal Investigators and collaborators have indicated to us that the following grant-supported research used the Psychophysics Toolbox. The 126 grants are listed by PI. Please send us email to add yours to the list, or to make any corrections.

    PI Agency and grant number Topic
1   Harriet Allen Welcome Trust Programme The distribution of attention in patients with Balints syndrome and temporal mechanisms of attention in visual search
2   F. Gregory Ashby NIMH R01 MH63760 The cognitive neuroscience of human category learning
3   Ben Backus NEI R01 EY013988 Cue reliability and depth calibration during space perception
4   Curtis Baker Canadian Institutes of Health Research MA9685 Neural mechanisms of motion perception
5   Curtis Baker National Science and Engineering Research Council OGP0001978 Human psychophysics of basic mechanisms in motion perception
6   Daphne Bavelier

NIDCD R01 DC004418
MacDonnell 5-25852

Reorganization of visual functions after early deafness
7   Daphne Bavelier ONR 5-27765 Plasticity of visual attention and video games
8   Daphne Bavelier MERCK 5-24604 Plasticity of visual attention in kids - video games and deafness.
9   Randolph Blake NEI R01 EY07760 Mechanisms of perceptual organization in human vision
10   Randolph Blake NEI R01 EY13358 Binocular rivalry in human vision
11   David Brainard NEI R01 EY10016 Color constancy
12   Matteo Carandini James S. McDonnell Foundation 220020044 (2003-2006) Beyond Receptive Fields in Visual Cortex
13   Matteo Carandini Swiss National Science Foundation 31-56007.98 (1999-2003) Mechanisms of Pattern Adaptation in the Primary Visual Cortex
14   Matteo Carandini Swiss National Science Foundation 631-062840.00 (2001-2006) Validating Models of Responses in Primary Visual Cortex
15   Carandini, Ferster, Nelson, Heeger, Sengpiel Human Frontiers Science Project Organization 0070/1999-B (1999-2003) Functions and Mechanisms of Pattern Adaptation in the Visual Cortex
16   Marvin Chun NEI R01 EY014193 Attention and Neural Plasticity in Human Vision
17   Charles A. Collin National Sciences and Engineering Research Council 288346/2004
18   Lawrence Cormack NSF 0427372 The relationship between natural scene statistics (2D), foveation, and eye movements
19   Lawrence Cormack NSF 0225451 Natural scene statistics, natural disparity statistics, and their relationship to binocular eye-movements during stereoscopic scene viewing and visual search
20   Frans Cornelissen Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), Cognition Program Grant 051.02.080
21   Steven Dakin BBSRC 31/S17766 Integration of Complex Motion
22   Steven Dakin Wellcome Trust 054693 The Role of Early Vision in Reading
23   Barbara Dosher NIMH R01 MH61834-01 Functions and Mechanism of Perceptual Learning
24   Erik Edwards NINDS NS21135 Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye-movements, visual search, and natural vision
25   Erik Edwards NINDS PO NS40813 Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye-movements, visual search, and natural vision
26   James Elder National Science and Engineering Research Council  
27   James Elder GEOIDE  
28   James Elder CRESTech  
29   James Elder PREA  
30   Ralf Engbert Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft KL  955/6 Microsaccades in perception and attention
31   Stephen Engel NEI R01 EY11862 Processing related to perception color in human cortex with psychophysics and fMRI
32   Bart Farell NEI R01 EY12286 Linking 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D representations of visual scenes
33   Jack Gallant NEI R01 EY12241 Neural mechanisms for natural vision
34   Isabel Gauthier NEI R01 EY13441 The role of expertise in letter perception
35   Isabel Gauthier NSF0091752 COLLABORATIVE: Categorization and expertise in human visual cognition
36   Mark Georgeson Wellcome Trust project grant 056093/B/98 Psychophysical and computational studies of edge transduction in the human visual system.
37   Mark Georgeson EPSRC project grant (2003-2006)  Ref. GR/S07261/01 Mechanisms of shading & texture analysis in the perception of 3-D surfaces.
38   Mark Georgeson EPSRC project grant (2004-2007) (with T. Meese)  Ref. GR/S74515/01 Suppression & summation in contrast gain control for human vision.
39   David Gilden NIMH R01 MH065272 Studies of fractal fluctuations in sequences of repeated psychophysical judgements
40   David Gilden NIMH R01 MH058606 Studies of perceptual limitations in the analysis of motion fields
41   Rick Gilmore NIHD R03 HD41476 Model-based approaches to infant habituation
42   Rick Gilmore NSF BCS 00-92452 The development of heading perception in infants
43   Daniel Goldenholz MIND Institute Grant Shape perception
44   Norma Graham NEI R01 EY08459 Nonlinear processes at intermediate stages
45   David Heeger NEI R01 EY11794 Neural basis of pattern appearance
46   David Heeger NEI R01 EY12741 On binocular vision and motion perception.
47   Don Hood NEI R01 EY02115 Tests of physiological models of color vision.
48   Todd S. Horowitz NIMH R01 MH065576 Control of dynamic attention
49   Mike Kahana NIMH MH68404 EEG and intracranial EEG correlates of visual memory and wayfinding
50   Sabine Kastner NIMH R01 MH64043 Mechanisms of attention in the human visual cortex
51   Sabine Kastner NIMH P50 MH62196  
52   Dan Kersten NSF  SBR-9631682  
53   Dan Kersten NEI R01 EY12691  
54   Dan Kersten NEI R01 EY15261 Object perception: Mechanisms for resolving ambiguity
55   Reinhold Kliegl Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft KL  955/3 Eye movement control in reading
56   David Jones National Science and Engineering Research Council Orientation discrimination in visual noise, including center-surround interactions and temporal integration. Optical brain imaging.
57   David Jones CIHR Orientation discrimination in visual noise, including center-surround interactions and temporal integration. Optical brain imaging.
58   Rich Krauzlis NEI R01 EY12212 Coordination of voluntary eye movements.
59   Joe Lappin NEI R03 EY011558 Peripheral visual function in children of children with low vision
60   Margaret Livingstone NEI EY13135 Illusory motion perception
61   Geoff Loftus NIMH R01 MH41637 Memory for visual material
62   Gordon Legge NEI R01 EY02934 Psychophysics of reading--normal and low vision
63   Zhong-Lin Lu NSF BCS-9911801 Collaborative Research: Mechanisms of Perceptual Learning
64   Zhong-Lin Lu AFOSR F49620-01-1-0109 Functions and Mechanisms of Perceptual Attention
65   Zhong-Lin Lu National Natural Science Foundation of China Physiological basis of perceptual learning
66   Steven J. Luck NIMH R29 MH56877 Cognitive and neural mechanisms of attention
67   Steven J. Luck NSF SBR 98-09126  
68   Steven J. Luck Human Frontier Science Program RG0136  
69   Don MacLeod NEI R01 EY01711 Retinal mechanisms in human vision
70   W. Todd Maddox NIMH R01 MH59196 Perceptual and decisional processes in categorization
71   Walter Makous NEI R01 EY4885 Schematic retina
72   Walter Makous NEI EY1319 CVS Center Grant  
73   Pascal Mamassian Human Frontier: RG00109/1999-B  
74   Pascal Mamassian European Commission: HPRN-CT-2002-00226  
75   Pascal Mamassian Wellcome Trust (UK): 0697/7/Z/02/Z  
76   Pascal Mamassian PSRC (UK): GR/R57157/01  
77   Franklin R. Manis NICHD 2 R01 HD29891-05 Bases of Normal and Disordered Reading
78   Nestor Matthews NEI F32 EY06969-01 Psychophysical, computational, and transcranial-magnetic-stimulation investigations in to orientation discrimination, motion discrimination, and stereo discriminations
79   René Marois NSF 0094992  
80   René Marois NIMH R01 MH70776-01 Capacity limits in multitasking
81   Patricia A. McMullen Human Frontiers Science Program RG 0161/1999-B  
82   Janine Mendola NIH/NCRR COBRE grant P20RR15574, project 2 Psychophysical and fMRI studies of subjects with amblyopia
83   Cathleen Moore NIMH 5 R01 MH67793-01 Limitations of attentional resolution and saccadic control
84   J. A. Movshon NEI 5P30 EY013079 Core grant for vision research
85   Sacha Nelson NEI R01 EY11116 Synaptic dynamics in developing visual cortex
86   Elizabeth Olds National Science and Engineering Research Council  
87   Denis Pelli NEI R01 EY04432 Transmission of visual information
88   Tomaso Poggio NIMH P20 MH66239 Detection and Recognition of Objects in Visual Cortex
89   Russell A. Poldrack NSF BCS-0223843 The cognitive neuroscience of category learning
90   Russell A. Poldrack Whitehall Foundation 2003-08-41-APL Interactive memory systems in the human brain
91   Russell A. Poldrack NINDS R21 NS43333 Cholinergic enhancement of human cortical plasticity
92   Russell A. Poldrack NSF BCS-0121950 Enhancing human cortical plasticity: Visual psychophysics & MRI
93   Dale Purvis NINDS R01 NS29187 Explore the development of cortical circuitry by means of animal experiments and human psychophysics
94   Dale Purvis NINDS R21 NS46307 Explore hypothesis that the primary role of the visual cortical processing -- and by inference the role of sensory cortices generally -- is to instantiate and process the probability distributions of the possible stimulus source
95   Ning Qian NIMH R01 MH54125 Computation and psychophysics of motion and stereopsis
96   Virginia R. de Sa NSF Career 0133996  
97   Nick Scott-Samuel Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council BBS/B/08795 Characterising high-level motion processing in humans
98   Jeff Schall NEI R01 EY008890 Saccade target selection-frontal cortex
99   Keith Schneider McDonnell-Pew program in Cognitive Neuroscience  
100   Keith Schneider NIDCD DC04418-01  
101   Keith Schneider NEI Training Grant EY07125  
102   Keith Schneider NEI Core Grant EY01319  
103   Keith Schneider NIMH R01 MH64043  
104   Keith Schneider NIMH P50 MH62196  
105   Keith Schneider Whitehall Foundation  
106   Robert Sekuler NIMH MH55687 Empirical and modeling studies of visual recognition memory
107   Robert Sekuler AFOSR Award F49620-03-1-0376 Modeling visual recognition memory, including eye movement studies (using EyeLink toolbox)
108   Martin Sereno NSF BCS 0224321 Mapping higher level visual areas in humans
109   David I. Shore National Science and Engineering Research Council  
110   David I. Shore Premier's Research Excellence Award from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
111   Michael Silver NRSA F32 EY14520 Modulation of visual cortex by attention and uncertainty
112   Ken Sobel NRSA F32 EY13924 On the neural locus of binocular rivalry suppression
113   Ramesh Srinivasan NIMH R01 MH68004 Dynamic Neuroimaging with High-resolution SSVEPs
114   Scott Stevenson NEI R01 EY012986 Visual control of eye alignment
115   Michael Tarr NSF Recognizing disguised faces
116   Larry Thibos NEI R01 EY05109 Retinal and optical limits to visual performance
117   Frank Tong NEI R01 EY14202 Neural Mechanisms of Human Visual Perception
118   Stephen Van Hooser NRSA F31 NS046881 Information transfer from LGN to primary visual cortex
119   John R. Vokey National Science and Engineering Research Council 2609-02 Masked RSVP
120   Brian Wandell NEI R01 EY03164 Psychophysics and fMRI
121   Art Wingfield NIA R01 AG15852 Aging and the temporal dynamics of self initiated recall
122   Jeremy Wolfe AFOSR Toward guided search
123   Jeremy Wolfe NEI R01 EY05087 Psychophysical structure of human vision
124   Jeremy Wolfe NIMH R01 MH56020 Post-attentive vision
125   Jeremy Wolfe US Dept of Transportation FAA 02-G-010 Self-regulation of visual search behavior
126   David H. Zald NSF 0332219 Cognitive neurotransmitter imaging

US National Institutes of Health grants can be looked up in the online CRISP database.

Denis Pelli and David Brainard